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Notification Bar Setting #

You can display a Notification Bar on your website header using the Travel Monster Pro plugin. The Notification Bar feature comes in handy for highlighting or promoting a discount or a campaign or any important message on your website.

You can access the Notification Bar settings via Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > General Settings > General > Notification Bar.

The following are the available settings to add a Notification Bar using the Travel Monster Pro plugin.

Enable Notification Bar: You need to enable this option to display the Notification Bar on the website header.

Title: Enter the message you want to convey through the Notification Bar inside the Title field.

Button Label: Enter the label for the button you want to add inside the Notification Bar.

Button Link: Enter the URL for the button.

Open in new tab: Enable this option to open the link for the button added in new tab.

Background Color: Select a background color for the Notification Bar.

Text Color: Select a color for the notification title text.