Pattern Engine

Introduction #

Pattern engine is a premium plugin designed especially to give access to all premium starter sites. This high-end plugin allows you access to all those fabulous starter sites, enabling you to bring professional templates onto your pages and posts with just a few clicks. Plus, it opens up a whole world of customization options, like choosing colors and adding custom scripts, so you can really make the Travelverse theme your own. Additionally, please be aware that to fully utilize all the new features Pattern Engine has to offer, you’ll need to have the Travel Engine Plugin activated on your site.

How to Install and activate the plugin? #

You can follow the below instruction to install the plugin:

  1. Purchase and download the Pattern Engine plugin from here.
  2. Login to your WordPress website
  3. Navigate to Plugins > Add New
  4. Now click on the Upload Plugin button
  5. Chose the .zip file you downloaded earlier and click Install Now
  6. After the plugin is installed click on Activate button


You need to activate the Pattern Engine license key in order to receive plugin updates and get quick support from our support team. We update our plugin on a regular basis to solve compatibility issues, fix bugs, make the plugin more secure, and even add extra features. In the Travelverse theme, you can easily activate the license key of Pattern Engine directly through the Dashboard. Please follow the below steps to activate the license key of the Pattern Engine plugin installed on your website with the Travelverse theme activated:

To activate a license key for any theme besides Travelverse, simply navigate to Dashboard > Settings > Pattern Engine. Once there, you can activate the license key.

Travelverse Dashboard Settings #

If you’ve activated the Pattern Engine Plugin on your site using the Travelverse theme, you’ll find the below settings in the Travelverse Dashboard.

General Settings #

A container is an element that holds all your site contents. You can configure container settings via Admin Dashboard > Appearance> Travelverse > Dashboard > Settings > General. The following are the settings that you can use to manage your site container. 

Container Width – You can set the site’s container width for different devices via this option.

Narrow Container width – This will adjust the narrow container width for all the pages and posts resulting in a focused and tight presentation that is ideal for smaller screens and limited places.

Colors #

You can select colors for different elements of your website via the Colors Settings. For this, navigate to Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Travelverse > Settings > Colors.

Primary Color: Select the Primary color for your website.

Secondary Color: Choose a Secondary color for your website here.

Text Color: Select a color for all the general site text.

Heading: Select a color for all the site headings.

Accent Color One: You can set the accent color one for the background color of all the sections.

Accent Color Two: You can set the accent color two for the background color of templates.

Background: Select a background color to apply for the entire website.

Custom Script #

The Custom Scripts allows you to add custom code snippets to the header, body and footer files of your entire website. You need to add the code between the <script></script> tag. This feature removes the hassle of manually editing the theme files or adding any third party plugins to add custom codes. You can access the Custom Scripts via Admin Dashboard > Appearance >Travelverse > Settings > Customs Scripts.

Configuring Custom Scripts Settings #

  1. Enter your header, body or footer scripts in the respective field.
  2. Click Publish.

Custom CSS #

The Custom CSS feature enables you to add CSS code to customize the design of your website according to your preferences. You need to add code between the <style></style> tag. With the CSS code, you have the flexibility to change the layout and appearance of your site. You can access the Custom CSS via Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Travelverse > Settings > Customs CSS.

Starter Sites #

Once you’ve installed the Pattern Engine plugin, you’re all set to import a variety of patterns and pages. These handy patterns will help you to design your sites, allowing you to easily import them along with their respective sections onto your site.

Please ensure that you have the WP Travel Engine Plugin installed on your site to access these templates.

You can follow the below steps to import patterns/pages to your site:

  1. Go to Admin Dashboard > Pages/Posts > Add New.
  2. Click on the Design Library button to check all the list of patterns and pages.

3. You can click on Pattern or Pages to import them.

4. Click on Import Button to import patterns and pages.

5. Publish the changes you made.