Form Editor

Form Editor is a premium add-on to WP Travel Engine plugin that lets you customize the forms in the WP Travel Engine core plugin. With the addon, you can add, edit, remove, and easily sort the form fields used in WP Travel Engine. The addon provides flexible options to manipulate Trip Enquiry Form, Booking Form, Traveller’s Information Form, and Emergency Contact Form all from one central options page right in your Admin Dashboard.

The form editor addon provides an ultimate solution to the travel business owners to create and modify forms as per their business-specific needs and get the most out of website visitors. With the addon, creating user-friendly forms for all the enquiry, booking and checkout process is super easy and flexible.

With Intuitive UI, an easy interface, and tons of options for customization, you can now take full control of the WP Travel Engine forms on your website.

Form Editor addon requires WP Travel Engine plugin v. 3.0.8 or later installed and activated on your website.

Installation #


  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Navigate to the ‘Upload’ area
  3. Select from your computer
  4. Click ‘Install Now’
  5. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard


  1. Download
  2. Extract the wp-travel-engine-form-editor directory to your computer
  3. Upload the wp-travel-engine-trips-embedder directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Plugin License #

After the activation of WP Travel Engine Form Editor addon, site admins will need to add and activate the license key to receive regular updates.

To activate the addon license go to the Admin Dashboard > WP Travel Engine > Plugin License. Enter the license key received during the purchase of addon to the License field for Form Editor. After adding the license key, save the key with the “Save Changes” button.

A new “Activate License” button will appear after a page refresh, which should be pressed to activate the license on the site. The activation message will be shown after successful activation.

After successful activation, Form Editor addon can be updated from the plugins page normally, whenever a new update is released.

How it works? #

Form Editor addon provides an easy interface for website admins to add, edit delete and sort the form fields in all of the forms from WP Travel Engine plugin. We have developed easy to use UI so that you can manage/edit your form fields with ease at your convenience.

After installing and activating the form editor addon, a new “Form Editor” menu will be available under the primary “WP Travel Engine” menu in your Admin Dashboard. The menu provides access to all of the settings/options for each form through the settings page.

Form Editor settings page #

Clicking on the menu takes you to the main form editor settings screen. The settings for each form in WP Travel Engine core plugin are separated in separate tabs. The form editor settings for each tab include options for Enquiry Form, Checkout Form, Traveller Information and Emergency Contact forms.

All the default fields added by WP Travel Engine for each form are listed in the settings page.  Each row in the settings table represents a form field within the form ( indicated by tab label ). Each row has a piece of information and option to edit the field as well as sorting handle.

Field row columns

  • Field Type: Displays the information of the type of field.
  • Field label : Displays the information on the label text of the field.
  • Field name / Mail Tag: Displays the information on the name ( unique identifier for the field ). Supported field names can also be used as mail tags to display field data in emails.
  • Actions: Option to edit or delete the fields ( Delete option is unavailable for some of the required default fields ).

Edit Field – Popup

On clicking the “Edit” button for each field row, a popup form appears that lets you different attributes/parts of the field.

The options in the popup form varies as per the type of field.

Select Field – Edit popup

The field edit popup lets you easily customize the label, default values, classes used and validation ( making the fields required ) for each type of field.

After making the desired changes, click on the “Save Field” button to save the changes for that specific field.

Add New Fields 

To add an additional field to any of the forms, head over to the form’s tab and click on the “Add field” button.

Clicking on the button opens a slide-out sidebar of available field types that can be added to the form.

To add a field to the form, click on the desired field type you are willing to add. This opens a popup with options to customize your new form field.

The add fields popup is also varied depending upon the type of field chosen for addition to the form.

Note: The Name and ID fields when adding a new field populates automatically based on the label of the field, when empty. If you are willing to modify the name/id fields, please make sure to make the name and ids value unique for each new field.

Fields with options

If you are adding an field with options ( radio, checkbox and select ) you will get an additional textarea in the add field popup that takes options values. To add options to the fields, simply add options one per row and the text values will be split and used as options/choices accordingly in the form frontend.

Deleting fields

To delete any default field ( which are not required ) or newly added fields, simply click on the delete icon in the fields row. Once confirmed, the field will be deleted.

Sorting Fields  

You can also reorder form fields ( both default and newly added ) in any order of your choice for each form. To sort the fields in your desired order, simply drag and drop the field row using the sorting handle.

Save changes

After making your desired changes to all of the form tabs, you can save the changes by clicking on the “Save Fields” button. Changes made to all of the forms will be saved. You will get a saved fields notification on the bottom of your screen after the fields are saved.

Reset to defaults

Messed up while editing the field? Or Need accidentally deleted default fields and need them back? You can always reset everything back to the default state with a single click of a button.

Simply click on the “reset to defaults” button to reset everything back to default.

Note: Resetting will clear everything and get default form fields back and also removes any newly added form fields.