Coupon Code

Coupon Code is an extension for WP Travel Engine to generate a quick form to let site visitors use the coupon discount during the trip checkout.

You can set a coupon discount to either flat or a percentage as per your requirement.

Coupon Code requires WP Travel Engine plugin v-4.0.4 or later installed and activated on your website.

Installation #

Uploading in WordPress Dashboard #

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Navigate to the ‘Upload’ area
  3. Select from your computer
  4. Click ‘Install Now’
  5. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Using FTP #

  1. Download
  2. Extract the wp-travel-engine-coupon-code directory to your computer
  3. Upload the wp-travel-engine-coupon-code directory to /wp-content/plugins/directory
  4. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Plugin License #

After the activation of the WP Travel Engine – Coupon Code, site admins will need to add and activate the license key to receive regular updates.

To activate the addon license go to Admin Dashboard > WP Travel Engine > Plugin License.

Enter the license key received during the purchase of the addon to the License field for Coupon Code. After adding the license key, save the key with the “Save Changes” button.

A new “Activate License” button will appear after a page refresh, which should be pressed to activate a license on the site. The activation message will be shown after successful activation.

After successful activation, Coupon Code addon can be updated from the plugins page normally, whenever a new update is released.

How does it work? #

After the plugin is activated, you will see the list of the addon submenu under the plugin menu header “WP Travel Engine” titled “Trip Coupons”. From there you can simply add the new coupon code configuring all the required setting fields as per the requirement. 

All other configuration and controlled through the setting on the coupon’s individual add/edit page. You needn’t have to configure any other setting. You can now directly see the coupon form on the checkout page and use the coupon to calculate the discounted amount and discount total to be paid. 

Front Display #

All the setting configurable available  are described in detail as below:

Configuring the Coupon #

After you enable this addon, you can find the menu under the head Admin Dashboard > WP Travel Engine > Trip Coupons. 

Trip Coupon List Page #

You will land on the Coupon listing page where you can see the list of the coupons made up until now. You can also see the “Add New” button from where you can add new coupons. You can find the quick detail on the coupon such as coupon name, coupon number of uses, starting date of the coupon, ending date of the coupon, discount type (value or percentage discount amount), coupon status.  

Add/Edit Trip Coupon Page #

You can configure/control coupon action through following various settings as available. The settings are mainly divided into two tabs.

General #

General tab Contains the basic settings to configure the coupon behavior. Setting available are listed below.

  • Coupon Status
    • This setting lets you know if the coupon is still active or valid to be used in the checkout form or not. 
  • Coupon Code
    • This is the actual name of the coupon that users have to enter to get a discount. 
  • Discount Type
    • This setting can be configured to select either the coupon will give a flat discount or percentage discount when the coupon is used.
  • Discount Value
    • The discount amount can be configured from this option. If you select a flat discount you will need to insert the actual amount such as a 100 $ discount. Or else, if the percentage is selected then the value must be always between 0-100 in percentage accordingly.
  • Coupon Start Date
    • Coupon start date allows you to control when the coupon will begin to be valid to use. Before that, coupons if used, won’t work during checkout. 
  • Coupon Expiry Date
    • This setting will allow you to configure when the coupon will be expired or become invalid. 

Restrictions #

This setting tab will contain the setting to configure restrictions on coupon use such as only to particular trips, or coupon use for the first 100 users, etc.  

  • Restrict Coupon to Trips
    • This setting will list the trips created as a select option that can be selected to limit the coupon to be used only to that particular trip and invalid for the other trip. Select none for all trips.
  • Coupon Usage Limit
    • This setting allows you to configure how many number of times the coupon can be used before it becomes invalid. It’s very useful if you are thinking of limiting the use of coupons for e.g. for the first 100 users.